Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mother's Helper

Well, it took almost nine years of on and off writing, editing, re-writing, more editing, worrying, putting to the back of my mind and re-reading to get here, but here we certainly are - Mother's Helper, my novel (part horror, part crime) is available to buy as paperback or to download!

This one really has been a - cliche alert - labour of love. I wrote it a long time ago, years ago, and then real life came and stood right in front of it, getting bigger and bigger, and I couldn't see it anymore, and soon I wasn't thinking about it (out of sight etc) at all. Then I became pregnant - and bored. And I got back to writing, with the help of an incredibly supportive community on Twitter (you can follow me there, by the way, @lisamarie20010). And my very first job was to tie up some loose ends, which included re-writing and editing Mother's Helper.

There are still many unfinished projects in my TBW/TBE file (To Be Written/To Be Edited), but I'm working through them. I can't believe I left them alone for so long.

It's exciting and scary to have something out there that anyone can read and review, but I'm so glad I've done it. Finally.

And of course, the link, should you wish to have a look, is:

It's going to be on Amazon too, and once it is I'll let you know...

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