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I spent 15 years working in the same office. I did admin; typing, filing, invoicing, quoting, phone answering, lots of other 'ings', but it wasn’t my passion. My passion was (and is) writing. But I was tired of no one knowing about it. Or rather, I wanted to be able to do it all day every day and not hide it away at the dark ends of the day. Perhaps what I was really tired of was all the other 'ings' I did that weren’t writing.

So I became a freelance writer.

I am currently the feature writer and online editor for both insideKENT and insideSUSSEX magazines (published through Sideways Media Ltd), and as well as features, I have been called upon to write press releases and carry out editing and proofreading work. I also write for a number of blogs on a freelance basis (including for the Family Law Advice Centre, YorkshireAccountancy, and UK Curtains and Interiors), and I have produced content for various websites (my largest project to date was for an adult toy website).

I've written blog posts on education and marketing, stories about romance and high adventure, books about ghosts and drug lords, descriptions for Christmas hampers and Harrods' gift boxes...

If you are looking for someone to help you with blog articles (including SEO work), product descriptions, sales letter, newsletter, web content, or even to ghost write a short story or novel, please get in touch.

Click here for my People Per Hour page - my feedback is excellent:

I have ghost written a number of novels (in the horror, romance, and thriller genres), and thousands of articles and blog posts. I have also written many short stories and novels under my own name (they are all listed here).

Check out or where you can see my blog posts and articles - even better, if you're in Kent or Sussex why not pick up a copy from your local Waitrose? It's well worth a read (even if I do say so myself...).

My online portfolio can be found here:

Please contact me if you think I might be able to help you.

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