Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Poem: I Try. I Wait. I Lie

I try. I wait. I lie

So long, the hours slap

Me in the face, about the head

And I just let them.

I welcome them.

I feel them pass, and become

The days that won’t let me


They punish me.

I cry. I hate. I die.

Or hope to, or not.

I wish I knew the answers here

But there are none.

There are no questions either

And that is the shame of it all

In a nutshell

A plain old nutshell

That crumbles in my hand.

I sigh. I mate. I fly

In air made of

Liquid, made of stones and


I breathe it, I taste it,

But I cannot believe it.

Why should it, when it

Pretends I don’t exist?

Do I? Exist?

I try. I wait. I lie.

©Lisamarie Lamb 2011

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