Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Second Campaigner Challenge: The Imago Mirror

I hope you enjoyed my first shot at the Rachel Harries' Campaigner Challenge. Now it's time for the second challenge!

This one was not an easy task... Rachel asked for a blog post of 200 words or fewer which had to include the word 'imago' in the title, and the words 'miasma', 'lacuna', 'oscitate' and 'synchronicity' in the story.

There was an added challenge to make the post exactly 200 words and to make reference to a mirror in the story... So I took all the challenges and came up with this...

There is a mirror at the back of this bar, and it is the only thing that stops me from leaving. It always stops me from leaving even though I should know better, even though the miasma is heavy, sorrowful, heart-breaking. I should go, but the mirror shows me too much, and I can’t stop looking. It fills the lacuna in my life, because it shows me my very own imago – my ideal love.

Or rather, my idealised version of love. It isn’t what I thought.

In the mirror, I do not sit alone. Next to me is a man, older than me, quite scruffy, but crinkle-eyed and wide-smiled, his tie is loose and his shirt is rumpled. He talks, he listens, he holds my hand. I can almost feel his fingers entwined in mine, the synchronicity of whatever brought us here at the same time, needing the same thing, blindsides me.

But when I turn to him, he is not there. Instead there is an oscitating emptiness.

I wonder; is there a lonely, crumpled man in another bar in another time, or world, or life, looking at me in a mirror?

I’ll have another drink and look for him.

©Lisamarie Lamb 2011


  1. Does leave me wondering who this man is. Nice entry!

  2. Nice take. I love how you used the words in the story.

  3. That just blew me away. The imagery and the place where your character is, and the questions she asks. That's an effective piece of writing!

    Great job, Lisa! :)

  4. Such a bittersweet story! Well done.

  5. This is so beautifully written, and so sad!
    Mine is #3.

  6. Well done. Makes me think of love lost and love yet to be found.

  7. What a sad story. I really felt the character's emotions--beautiful writing!

    My entry.

  8. Love the tinge of sorrow to this piece. I'd love to know if there is another dimension

  9. Wow...the imagery, the emotions, and the questions... Bravo! I definitely want more.

  10. oh for just a single osculation, for the miasma on the mirror to be the condensed vapour of breathed words which never fade...

    You rose to the challenge magnificently, well done

    marc nash

  11. Love the reflective tone ... such a poignant write ! I enjoyed it .
    My entry at no.#185

  12. Great take on the loneliness theme. Original use of the mirror and your description of the man is very tangible. Great job!