Thursday, 15 December 2011

Competition: Holiday Hop!

It's Chriiiiiiistmaaaaasssss!

Well, nearly. Close enough. And to celebrate, I'm running a new competition to coincide with the exciting Holiday Hop. Don't know what a blog hop is? Have a look at the Holiday Hop blog page ( and all will be revealed.

As you'll see when you look at the Holiday Hop page, the grand overall prize is a fantastic Kindle Fire! So it's got to be worth entering, just for that!

The hop runs from 15th - 25th December, and after that I will pick 5 winners from my own competition. Those winners will go into the Hop draw, along with the winners from all the other blogs involved, for the Kindle. Easy peasy.

So, my competition is this:

My novel, Mother's Helper, begins with the following line: What’s the point? she asked herself desperately...

All I ask you to do is write your own (up to) 200 word story that continues that first line. The above words don't count in the 200, and neither will a title should you choose to give the work one.

When it's done, just paste it in the body of an email, along with your name and address (in case you win ;) and send it to

And the reason to do this? The prizes, of course!

Overall 1st Grand Blog Hop Prize = Kindle Fire
And the five best stories that come to me in this competition = a paperback (ebook if you prefer) copy of Mother's Helper, and a 2012 calendar magnet.

Good, eh? And when you look at all of the other blogs involved in the hop you'll see some other fantastic prizes including Amazon gift cards, gnome candles and a carved malachite elephant!

Good luck, and don't forget the closing date is Christmas Day!


  1. Readers
    Go ahead and enter into as many of these as you can. While you are searching come on over to my blog at Free Book Reviews

    Come on over to my Blog and send me a link to your book so that I can include it in my forum.

  2. Love this blog. Nice and cozy.
    Wishing all a happy Christmas from the deck of Wendy's super-yacht.

  3. Have a wonderful holiday season!


  4. For some Scavenger hunt fun, follow me to my Holiday Hop!
    Come on! Let’s have some hoppin’ good fun!

  5. Stopping by to say hello, and best of luck with your contest :)