Friday, 13 April 2012

Book Trailer: The Memory Eater

This image is not just the brilliant cover for the Memory Eater anthology (in which my story, 'Scrambled Heads', features), it is also a link to the book trailer for my story. 

There are a lot of firsts associated with this anthology.

This is the first anthology I was ever accepted into. It is the anthology that began my addiction, and I cannot wait to finally have a copy in my hands. 

And this is my first book trailer, and it was created by the talented Justin Swapp

It is also the first time I've been involved with Kickstarter (and more on that later).

I love this anthology. What would you pay to have your worst memories erased? What would you do, what would you sacrifice? And what if those memories are linked to other, better ones? Would you risk losing those as well?

In my story, the narrator (who is never named) is a Memory Eater - he is the one who is paid a lot of money to do the deed and take away what is no longer wanted. But he has fallen on hard times, and when he is offered a fortune to take part of just one, little, inconsequential backstreet MemEat, he decides to take the job.

Only nothing is ever inconsequential. Not really. 

This project is part of a Kickstarter campaign, which, before the Memory Eater, I had never heard of. Kickstarter is a website that enables projects to be funded by the public, and in return the backers can get all sorts of unique items for their pledges. From copies of the eBook to a  piece of flash fiction personally penned by the editor, CP, and written on the inside cover of a paperback copy of the book, there are lots of options to choose from. And pledges start at a dollar. 

You can even get an original print of Brent Schreiber's illustration for my story, 'Scrambled Heads'. But hurry if that's the option you're going for... I'm tempted myself! 

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