Friday, 31 August 2012

Poem: I Forgot To Say 'I Love You'

I Forgot To Say 'I Love You'

I watched you drive away that night
From the open window on the landing.
The one you said you'd always paint,
But hadn't yet got round to.
I watched you drive round the corner
And I hoped you'd be back soon
Because I missed you already,
And needed you home again.

You went out to get a takeaway -
Chinese, I think. You wouldn't be long.
So I ran myself a hot bath to relax.
And then the phone rang.
You went out at twenty to,
And the call came in at eight,
Making me jump because it was
Unexpected; no one calls on Friday night.

They said there'd been an accident,
And you were just about hanging on.
I ran from the house and drove to you,
But by them it was too late.
They said you hadn't suffered at all, 
But I was barely listening; all I 
Could think as I sat, watching nothing move,
Was that I forget to say 'I love you'. 

And now I sit alone on Friday nights
Imagining you walking through that door,
Bag of food in one hand, wine in the other,
And a ready smile on your lips.
The window still needs painting, but I
Haven't got the heart to do it.
I sit and pick the old dead flakes ff,
As I listen for the sound of your key in the door. 

©Lisamarie Lamb 2012 


  1. So very sweet! I may write horror, but I really do love emotional pieces and tear-jerking moments such as this one. Very well done, Lisamarie.
    I loved it!


  2. Thanks, Jimmy, I'm so pleased it touched you! As you know, I also mainly write horror, but sometimes it's nice to step away from that, and do something different :)

  3. Oh Lisamarie im in tears so touching