Saturday, 25 May 2013

Poem: The Sea

The Sea

The waves crashed against the cliffs

And spray flew into the air.

It copied the flight of the gulls above

Who circled without a care.


The water moved with an ancient rhythm,

And was deep and dark and rough.

The pull of the moon became stronger still,

It would never be enough.


The tide came in and swallowed the beach

Leaving patterns on the ground.

The pebbles surrendered to the force,

And followed without a sound.


As the world spun round the sea retreated,

Moving softly away.

It carefully, gently, uncovered the stones,

 And then dwindled with the day.


  1. Hi, Lisamarie. Usually I have to read a poem a few times before I know whether I like it or not, but I loved this one from the first four lines. Well done! It really spoke to me. Congratulations. I don't know who your muse was on that one, but I hope you do. :)