Friday, 14 December 2012

A Brick and Mortar Bookshop - Nickel Books

Nickel Books is a gorgeous treasure trove of an independent children's bookshop in Sittingbourne, Kent. Located on the high street, it is easy to find and hard to forget once you've stepped inside this Aladdin's cave of interesting books, games, and toys. And if by any chance they don't have what you're looking for, Andrea, the incredibly friendly and helpful owner, will source it for you (assuming it's in print).

But it's not just a children's bookshop. Nickel Books is host to numerous events through the month, including Musical Bumps, children's parties, and story time which takes place every Tuesday at 11am. Check the shop's website for more events as they come along. There's always something going on!

Not only is Nickel Books a lovely place to visit, but if you can't make it, their online ordering service is second to none. With an easy to navigate online shop, free postage, and a personal service, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

2012 is the year of the independent trader - buy local, support local. And Nickel Books is just the sort of shop that deserves our custom.

Now, you may wonder why I'm writing about a children's bookshop as I don't write for children. Well, the Sheppey Writing Workshop's book, A Roof Over Their Heads, about the inhabitants and places on the Isle of Sheppey, is now being stocked in Nickel Books! Not only does Andrea cater to children, but she also has a local interest section, and our book fit in nicely.

Whether you want to learn about Victorian Kent, or you want to know more about good walks to take small children on, they've got the information.

And they've also now got A Roof Over Their Heads.

Please, take a look at this fabulous shop, and enjoy!


  1. I think you mean "A Roof Over Their Heads, about the inhabitants and places on the Isle of Sheppey, is NOW being stocked in Nickel Books" :D :D

    1. Oh blimey, what a mistake to make! Just shows the power of the English language... And my head not being screwed on quite right! Thanks for pointing that out, it's all fixed now :)