Friday, 7 December 2012

New Anthology: Legends of Urban Horror

Urban legends. You know the sort of thing. Long ago known stories of nastiness that everyone has heard but no one is quite sure where it came from. It's just there, as though already implanted into the brain at birth, ready and waiting for the opportunity to be told.

And there is always an opportunity. Always a good time to tell a tale of urban horror. It's because they are based on such normal, everyday things (a car with its headlights off, a darkened bathroom mirror, a spider laying its eggs...) that at any given moment something will spark off the memory of that story you heard once upon a time. The story that a friend of a friend told you.

Since these stories are so well known, it may seem odd to base an anthology around them. Who needs to see them written down when they are so firmly entrenched in the world's subconscious? This is where Sirens Call Publications' newest offering changes the game. Yes, the stories are urban legends, but they are different. New ideas, new reasons, new legends to scare you.

Perhaps you can tell a friend of a friend about it? See how far we can spread the stories here...

Contributing authors include:
Morgan Bauman, Kimberly A. Bettes, Matthew Borgard, Alex Chase, Austin Fikac, K. Trap Jones, Sean Keller, Lisamarie Lamb, Jon Olson, C. M. Saunders.

It can be purchased through these links: paperback or Kindle paperback or Kindle

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