Sunday, 10 January 2016

What's The Link Between Ian Fleming & Sting?

It sounds like a truly unanswerable riddle, but there is actually a solution - and it is a rather surprising one.

Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond novels in Jamaica, sitting at a certain desk. Decades later, that same desk was used by Sting to pen his famous song, Every Breath You Take.

Finding this out made me wonder whether creative talent can be passed on. Not necessarily through inanimate objects (although why not? Why shouldn't a desk or pen or chair or anything else become infused with creativity? We don't know what causes it in the first place, so we can't dismiss anything when it comes to skill and talent), but perhaps through being in proximity to someone.

According to some scientists, everyone has some kind of talent, even if it's hidden in most people (that's what it's only a handful in the grand scheme of things who can sing, compose, write, paint, draw, and so on).

But what if, simply by spending time with people whose talent is most definitely out there, we can soak up some of that creativity and be better at the things we want to do?

It's an experiment I'm willing to trial... Now, where would I find J. K. Rowling?

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